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Nick Shivers is a real estate professional and charitable individual dedicated to using his business to improve the lives of children worldwide.

Nick Shivers is a real estate professional and charitable individual dedicated to using his business to improve the lives of children worldwide. Nick leads WestOne Properties Group, a team consisting of experienced real estate professionals serving buyers and sellers at Keller Williams Realty Portland Central. 


Though his work here is important, Nick is even more inspired by his work at Sell a Home, Save a Child (SAHSAC), a nonprofit organization he co-founded. By partnering with his real estate clients at WestOne Properties Group, SAHSAC has had the opportunity to influence the lives of hundreds of children. And its mission is far from over.


Reflecting on what inspired him to begin this organization, Nick Shivers remembers visiting Nicaragua many years back and coming up with a grand idea to open a resort there. However, during that same trip, a local woman took him to an open-air garbage dump. Reality set in, and Nick discovered the harsh truth of what life looked like for the locals. Thousands of people were living off the trash, and girls as young as nine years old were being sexualized and prostituted. 

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Nick and his wife became supporters of Forward Edge International, a nonprofit organization providing resources that transform the lives of children around the world. They desired to inspire their colleagues and clients to make a difference in these children’s lives as well, so the pair brainstormed and developed their vision for SAHSAC. 


Set up in partnership with WestOne Properties Group, 10% of every home that is sold through the program is donated to transform the lives of underprivileged children in Nicaragua, Kenya, Mexico, the United States, Cuba and Haiti. The children in these communities suffer from inconceivable issues such as extreme poverty, waterborne illnesses, sexual abuse, natural disasters, malnourishment and more. Through the money donated to the program, SAHSAC provides healthcare, tutoring and educational resources, safe drinking water, nutritious food and mentorship to the children in these communities. 


Nick Shivers is invested in his nonprofit’s mission and has taken the organization to new levels. In 2016 alone, 679 volunteers served on mission trips with SAHSAC. Nick’s goal is to continue influencing these children’s lives and raise awareness for the issues they face. He wants the nonprofit to continue thriving for decades to come so the children and their families impacted will continue to have access to the resources they so desperately need. Based on recent figures, he and his team are well on track with this goal, having raised over $785k in 2022 alone, making a grand total of $3.5 million raised since its inception.


In addition to his real estate work and philanthropy, Nick hosts the radio show The Shivers Report, is the founder of, is a board member of Forward Edge International and is a speaker, consultant and trainer. 


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