Many causes exist today, intending to heal the world. When we use our voices to help, the echo is loud. However, some of us might not know how to make a difference.

There are numerous ways to bring about change, and the first step can be overwhelming. With so many options, where do we start?

The new advocate does not have to go far for ideas. Many podcasts feature people who have already taken that first step. Their stories will help you to join a cause you feel strongly for.

Not sure where to begin? Try these:

1. SVCF Philanthropy Now Podcast

This podcast in Silicon Valley encourages people worldwide to be active in their communities. Each episode tells stories about passionate volunteers and donors. If you are puzzled about how to begin as an advocate, SVCF Philanthropy Now can help.

2. Rhian’s Hope

Social media can make it easy to have our voices heard. It helps us spread positive messages among our peers. Rhian Rogan’s podcast introduces people who use their platforms to make a difference. These stories can inspire you to use your social media for a cause.

3. Interest to Impact

It’s one thing to support a cause with your words, but sometimes more is needed. Investing time and money can be a significant step towards making a change. Experienced philanthropist Nick MacPhee discusses the different ways you can help your charity.

4. The Why I Help Podcast

WIH Podcast gives philanthropists a place to tell their stories. Everyone deserves a chance to talk about their cause. The powerful stories on WIH Podcast inspire others to take action. Humanitarians, celebrities, scientists, and regular people all make a difference–and all are heard.


It’s part of our nature to make a difference. Not everyone manages to take that first step, but podcasts like these help us begin. Philanthropy is such a powerful hobby that it can be daunting.

We don’t have to fear the first step with podcasts from experts. Following their examples will help us improve the lives of our communities and the world.