An estimated one out of every six children in the world lives in extreme poverty. This equals more than 356 million children who lack proper housing, food, clean water, and fundamental life needs. These children are more than twice as likely to die during their childhood than their more affluent peers. While many experts disagree on the right way to solve this crisis, one unlikely group has emerged to help: realtors.

Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Title Companies, and Brokers with a Common Goal

The cut-throat world of real estate doesn’t always bring out the best in people. That is until two realtors decided to inspire others to help impoverished children. Founders Nick Shivers of Oregon and Erik Hatch of North Dakota were both supporters of Forward Edge. Forward Edge is an organization that helps vulnerable children in Mexico, Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, and Uganda. This is done by providing for the children’s basic needs while empowering those in the community with vocational training and education.

Shivers and Hatch wanted to do more than just support; they tried to get others involved. They started the organization Sell a Home, Save a Child to get others in the real estate world involved in helping impoverished children.

Sell a Home, Save a Child

Sell a Home, Save a Child works by charging membership fees to its participating members. Memberships can be purchased on a Silver, Gold, or Platinum level. Each level helps a different number of children by using the membership fees to help pay for the children’s needs and education. The organization says that 100 percent of its proceeds go to children in extreme poverty.

In turn, members benefit by giving back to the community without having to take the time to do any of the backend work that can go with helping charities. Being a member can also help a realtor’s business grow and reach more people in the community. Potential clients will see that their realtor is a part of the organization through the provided advertising materials; this may entice buyers to use a realtor who is a member. Those who don’t wish to be a member can still help the cause by making a one-time donation to Sell a Home, Save a Child.